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Summer has arrived

Well we are over the busy season and it was a great one!! We were lucky enough to have host to help out this winter. Thanks John & John & Polly for doing a GREAT job!! We saw the birth and flight of 3 owls. What a treat!! We greeted people from around the world and from our back yard. We saw some interesting things like the Semi truck pulling a 5th wheel with a smart car on the bed of their truck. They are bloggers too. You can follow them on Facebook and see what the enjoyed in our area. Suite Travels is their Facebook name. We saw a group of 26 airstreams twice. They enjoyed a concert at Richard's Sale Barn, toured a crawfish farm and had boiled crawfish and lots of other fun!! Thing are slowing down now. Summer is hot in South Louisiana, but that's ok. We have shade!! Come visit.

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Still one more day to enjoy!!!

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